Tea & Talk is the sharing of love, friendship, simple joys, and everyday pleasures. It is the sharing of what is important to us. All we really have in life besides this moment in time are our relationships and our memories. May we always have someone to love, someone with whom to share life’s joys and sorrows and may you enjoy sharing ~ Tea & Talk with Friends ~

Tea & Talk is well written, interesting, a delightful to read with beautiful photographs. Bob Hines, Retired Creative Art Director and Artist

I think it is beautiful!! I like the way you two have tied together the threads of your poetry, prose and photos. I think Tea and Talk will have a wide audience. Phyllis Kayne, Poet and Artist

Special friends are rare and this book will be a treasure for them. I love the way you put pictures in reader’s minds as you tell the story. Your photographs are great, poetry and idea will touch hearts. A heartwarming story and I believe needed at times like the world is having now. We need to hold on to the special people in our lives and your book will be a constant reminder of this. Karen Hurd, Author and Artist

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Tea and Talk with Friends

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